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Annie’s Fund started after Annie came to the shelter. She was so ill when found that the ACO had to carry her out of the ditch she was found in. Regional began to help Annie on her road to wellness, but her neglect was so severe that her organs were failing. She crossed the bridge knowing love from the Regional volunteers and no more pain. Thanks to a generous patron, Annie's fund was born, as "there will always be another animal that needs help, just like Annie".

Annie's Fund helps any animal that enters the shelter in critical need of special vet care. The fund has covered:

  • Parvovirus treatment
  • Heartworm treatment
  • ACL and meniscus surgeries
  • and much more.

Extra funds from medical fundraisers get placed into this account. Consider your impact on an animal that comes into the shelter in dire need of specialty healthcare. Annie's Emergency Medical Fund ensure that they are well taken care of.